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Tommasini takes its name from its founder Irio Tommasini. Irio spent most of his life with bicycles and in his time was a successful rider in the racing world. He has been a master frame-builder since 1948.

In the 70’s he increased production capacity and as a result, the distribution of Tommasini increased both in Italy and abroad. The artisan workmanship that has been passed down from generation to generation has enabled Tommasini frames to remain at the forefront of the industry and to be appreciated for their finish and geometries. Many amateur and professional riders, since the inception of Tommasini, have relied upon, and continue to rely on Tommasini frames to give them the winning edge.
Today, the company remains faithful to its ethos of selecting the best materials and using the experience and skill of its frame-builders to create quality, handmade frames.

The Tommasini frames are synonymous with quality due to this ethos and their traditions but also the rigorous quality controls that are followed during each and every step in production.

Tommasini, steeped in tradition with its artisan workmanship, coupled with technological advancements and stringent quality control, have made it the frame or bike of choice.

Tommasini prefer to make one frame at a time, so each frame is made to order whether this is from their extensive size chart or a custom geometry. There is no up-charge on a custom geometry and you can choose your paint. The end results are stunning visually and performance wise. If you have the patience to wait for perfection then you will get it. Allow circa 12 weeks from ordering.


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All Tommasini frames are made to order, bespoke to your specific requirements.

Tommasini Customers

It feels amazing - nice sharp handling & great acceleration. In fact, it feels more like a track bike than my track bike!! The Tommasini has done a good few miles now, (though nothing hilly enough to dirty the little ring), and is utterly perfect in every way, (although I still haven't got around to changing those white pedals). The older local riders appreciate it for it's old-school charm - the younger generation cannot believe a stainless steel bike can be so light ...... and shiny!! The handling is pin-point sharp - sprinting has never felt so good ........ which has got me wondering : Would Tomassini make me a track version???



Hi Adam I thought I'd send you a line or two about the Tommasini Tecno I bought from you about a year and a half ago. The bike rides exceptionally well. On longer routes the Tecno takes the buzz out of the road without feeling disconnected from it - an attribute of the lightweight Columbus Nemo tubing I'm sure. It's not as light as carbon but that's not the point -at 7.6kg with Record Gruppo it's no heavywight . The Tecno accelerates and climbs like you would expect a race bike to. The most notable attribute of the frame, I would say, is the way it corners. Pick a line and the Tecno will hold it. An absolute gas to descend on. The finish on the bike is superb. The chromed lugs and stays look fantastic as does the silver matte paintwork. Thanks again for introducing me to the marque and the for the help in the spec. for the build. Truly outstanding bike.

Mr Stone


Now I've bought a few bikes in my time, had several bike-fits and met some 'choice' characters along the way but after dropping a shed-load of money on a custom-fit steel frame from a 'so-called' specialist in London who advised on a new geometry and position, it was a catastrophic mistake. Not being happy with the end-result I decided to try the specialist route again and decided to see what the 'new kid on the block' knew about bikes and fits. Enter Adam and Comtat... I could go on but suffice to say - WOW! Stunning and not run-of-the-mill bikes from a guy who absolutely knew about bike-fitting, even getting the best out of my previous 'dodgy' bike-fit. I ended-up with two custom Tommasini bikes. Overkill yes but as they say, "you only live once..