Sarto Antonio, Finest handmade custom bicycles since 1950

Together with our customers and their feedback, we aim to continuously improve our frames to offer a unique and fantastic riding experience to cyclists around the world.

Superior Italian craftsmanship: this is the defining element of the company founded by Antonio and his son Enrico, who are proud to represent, both at home and abroad, the pride and tenacity of a nation so rich in creativity and enthusiasm.

The 100% Handmade in Italy trademark is the strength they both believe in and the means that has allowed them to establish their name and gain market share over the years.
More than 2500 frames are produced each year thanks to a team of specialists, starting with the design of the frame, to the cutting and laminating of the tubes up to the painting and testing.

Personalisation is our strength, which allows us to satisfy the customer’s every need: the choice of materials, the shape of the tubes, made-to-measure geometries, graphics and reinforcements in Kevlar or titanium/carbon. Every feature of a Sarto frame can be changed and selected by the customer.
Each year we design and create new models, which are presented at the most important trade fair before making their way around the world.

Perfection is a gift acquired through experience

Every year we renew our selection of frames by researching and studying improvements to apply to new products. We dedicate months of our time to research and experimentation, creating new products and testing them first on the computer and then letting our team test them on the road, to always ensure the highest performance and yield.

We believe in the services we offer, we believe in the product made entirely in Italy with our own hands. Thanks to this combination of factors, we are positioned in an exclusive market segment, allowing our flag to outshine over other nations, without fear of competition.

We believe in Italy, we believe in our work.

Our products are available in made-to-measure sizes with custom tubes or materials best suited to meet the needs of athletes. All of these advantages make the frame unique in every sense.


Carbon, as we see it, is used in many industries mainly for applications subject to extreme conditions, from boats to aircraft, from buildings to sporting equipment, from the biomedical to the engineering fields.

The company has been working with carbon for more than 15 years, from the time when frames wereglued together at the joints. Starting in 2002, the company began producing laminated frames, aprocess that originated from the need to “customize” and make every piece unique.

The company is equipped with 4 kilns, 1 clean room (a temperature-controlled aseptic area used for laminating), 2 pressurized cabins for filing and painting processes and a massive dust extraction system, all designed to ensure the safety and health of the specialized staff.

Sarto believes in custom geometry and therefore every bike is individual. The lead time is between 12-and 14 weeks and the paint finishes are plentiful. Special requests for different bottom brackets are accommodated – yes you have a choice! Other options include disc brakes, integrated seat posts and no, or minimal, cable routing for a clean looking electronic groupset set up. Leadtime is typically 4 -6 months from ordering. We have been a UK Sarto stockist since 2015 and have sold every model they do, so if you have a question just ask.


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All Sarto frames are made to order, bespoke to your specific requirements.

Sarto Customers

Hi Adam Just a quick note to say that I managed to get out on a ride last weekend on my Veneto SL and the bike is superb! Only one ride outside so far (too many turbo sessions lately…and I’m not sticking Sarto on the turbo) but the fit feels ‘right’ and the bike felt so smooth. Even on rough surfaces there was no ‘chatter’ like my old bike. Might have been the ‘new bike effect’ but it felt quick and sprightly too - if not more so than old bike. Last but not least there’s that extra zing that comes from knowing you’re riding a custom, hand built, Italian bike! The only downside is that i'm probably hooked now and mass market bikes won’t have the same appeal anymore. Roll on the next bike - must say the custom aluminium Tommasini you posted on Instagram the other day looks nice… Thanks for your help. Excellent experience and I’ll make sure I recommend you to colleagues and friends who are looking for a ‘special bike’.

Simon, Hampshire


I rode the Sarto finally..took it out for 40 yesterday. Rides like a friggin' Bugatti :-))) Love it. Stiff yet super comfortable. Climbs fantastically too.



Still very happy with the Dinamica, the ride quality is amazing.