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Yemi, London
Tommasini Mach Ti

"Hello Adam, how are you doing? Did the Prudential again. I just thought I'd let you know love the bike so much. It is perfect and performing. Plus attracts attention no end every single time I ride people riding alongside to comment every time I stop. It is simply awesome and insanely fast. I covered ground fast yesterday sometimes hitting 50mph, boy was I happy as it is perfect up on the Mont Ventoux with heart rate not going above 151bpm. This is my bike for life and done with. Thanks a lot for making a grown man happy."

Richard, Singapore
Sarto Lampo

"Hi Adam

I took it out for a quick 20k, its a fantastic bike. Very balanced and fast (2pb's without trying at all).

Simon, Hampshire
Sarto Lampo

"All set up. Got 'mycampy' app set up and had first test ride yesterday. Its awesome!"

Ossi, London
Sarto Seta

"First ride complete, stunning ride. Just phenomenally smooth, stable yet agile & responsive."

Derek, Berks
Tommasini Tecno

"It's a sublime ride, it feels alive under me, It's the best bike I've ever ridden. I'd just like to say thanks, from beginning to end I cannot fault the service you have provided. You are a brilliant example of what a bike shop should be; professional, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. Again thanks for everything and I will be recommending you to all my fellow brothers (and sisters) of the wheel."

Simon, Hampshire
Sarto Veneto SL -Made to Measure

"Hi Adam

Just a quick note to say that I managed to get out on a ride last weekend and the bike is superb! Only one ride outside so far (too many turbo sessions lately…and I’m not sticking Sarto on the turbo) but the fit feels ‘right’ and the bike felt so smooth. Even on rough surfaces there was no ‘chatter’ like my old bike. Might have been the ‘new bike effect’ but it felt quick and sprightly too - if not more so than old bike. Last but not least there’s that extra zing that comes from knowing you’re riding a custom, hand built, Italian bike! The only downside is that i'm probably hooked now and mass market bikes won’t have the same appeal anymore. Roll on the next bike - must say the custom aluminium Tommasini you posted on Instagram the other day looks nice…

Thanks for your help. Excellent experience and I’ll make sure I recommend you to colleagues and friends who are looking for a ‘special bike’."

Gary, Lincolnshire
Tommasini X-fire Custom bike

"It feels amazing - nice sharp handling & great acceleration. In fact, it feels more like a track bike than my track bike!!

The Tommasini has done a good few miles now, (though nothing hilly enough to dirty the little ring), and is utterly perfect in every way, (although I still haven't got around to changing those white pedals).
The older local riders appreciate it for it's old-school charm - the younger generation cannot believe a stainless steel bike can be so light ...... and shiny!!
The handling is pin-point sharp - sprinting has never felt so good ........ which has got me wondering :

Would Tomassini make me a track version???"

Steven, London
Tommasini Tecno & Tommasini X-fire custom bikes

"Now I've bought a few bikes in my time, had several bike-fits and met some 'choice' characters along the way but after dropping a shed-load of money on a custom-fit steel frame from a 'so-called' specialist in London who advised on a new geometry and position, it was a catastrophic mistake. Not being happy with the end-result I decided to try the specialist route again and decided to see what the 'new kid on the block' knew about bikes and fits. Enter Adam and Comtat... I could go on but suffice to say - WOW! Stunning and not run-of-the-mill bikes from a guy who absolutely knew about bike-fitting, even getting the best out of my previous 'dodgy' bike-fit. I ended-up with two custom Tommasini bikes. Overkill yes but as they say, "you only live once..."."

Lyuda, London
Tommasini Fire Custom Bike

"I have been riding socially on and off with my club Dulwich Paragon and commuting to the office for a few years now on a bike that was too big and uncomfortable. Having known Adam Roberts and Comtat Cycling through my partner, I had a bike fit and ordered a custom Tommasini Fire based on the ideal fit that Adam designed. This was exciting as I was able to decide colour schemes and the components (Campagnolo of course) to put on the frame. The result is perfection. Thanks Adam and Comtat Cycling for your professional service and and building a bike for life."

Helen, Bucks
Comtat Regale Made to Measure Bike

"Hi Adam,
After several rides under my belt, I thought I would contact you to let you know how things are going with the Regale.
Firstly, I would like to thank you for your attention to detail on the bike fit - I am so comfortable on the bike and I have to admit, this is a first. Previous purchases - both custom and off the shelf have always created some sort of 'issue'
The Regale is a thing of beauty and I love the paint job - it most certainly does attract some attention and admiring glances as I ride passed other cyclists...!
The bike feels exceptionally responsive - jumping out of the saddle on a climb, the bike surges forward - it's quick to get moving and picks up speed beautifully. I have noticed that my average speed has gone up too - so very pleased with that.
I am so pleased I made the move to Campag - what else should I have on a custom built bike from Italy?!
Looking forward to my trip overseas next year - It will be nice to test her in the Alps and at a weight of 6.5kg, there is no excuse now!
The Comtat Regale has to be THE best bike I have owned - and there has been a few....!

Lastly, thanks for your patience when bombarding you with emails. I will not hesitate to recommend you and the brands you carry.
I'm sure I will be in again in the not too distant future for another purchase.

In the meantime, good luck in the new premises.

All the best."

Adam, London
Tommasini Tecno

"Hi Adam
I thought I'd send you a line or two about the Tommasini Tecno I bought from you about a year and a half ago.

The bike rides exceptionally well. On longer routes the Tecno takes the buzz out of the road without feeling disconnected from it - an attribute of the lightweight Columbus Nemo tubing I'm sure. It's not as light as carbon but that's not the point -at 7.6kg with Record Gruppo it's no heavywight . The Tecno accelerates and climbs like you would expect a race bike to. The most notable attribute of the frame, I would say, is the way it corners. Pick a line and the Tecno will hold it. An absolute gas to descend on.

The finish on the bike is superb. The chromed lugs and stays look fantastic as does the silver matte paintwork.

Thanks again for introducing me to the marque and the for the help in the spec. for the build.
Truly outstanding bike.


James, Wales
Comtat Vertice custom frameset

"Hi Adam

First impressions are it's very good. Best bike I've ridden.

Thanks for the email. I'll keep you informed after a few hundred miles.



Keith, Bristol
Comtat Regale custom made frameset

"Hi Adam

Cosmetically, A beautifully lustrous paint finish with very simple but elegant graphics.The shaping of the seat stays and chain stays isn't obvious from pictures but it is a lovely piece of craftsmanship .The tube to tube construction is wonderfully executed leaving perfectly smooth joins as good as anything Ive ever seen.
The ride:
If it was good to look at but average to ride I would have been disappointed BUT the ride more than lives up to the promise of the look. Slightly longer chain stays than Ive usually had give it a comfortable feel with rough surfaces smoothed out and yet it still contrives to be responsive , stiff , (thanks to the huge down tube) and to feel totally "planted" whilst descending at speed.
Overall I'm delighted with it ,it's the most delightful bike I ve owned, and given that's hand built in Northern Italy especially for me I think it's extremely well priced.
I've specced it Enve rims on Chris King hubs , Dura ace , Enve bars and stem and it really is a thing of beauty!
its made an old man very happy
All the best Adam and Id be delighted to meet up if you're in Bristol

Ross, Herts
Comtat Sartorial Ti bespoke bike with EPS Record.

"Hi Adam,

Just to say I have now had some decent rides on the (post ski season).

One word....Fantastic! Am very happy with it. Thanks for a great bike.

Will be in touch for service in not too distant future.

Hope all well.

Cheers, Ross"

Rob, Oxford
Comtat Vertice made to measure bike

"Hi Adam,

Some feedback:

I haven't done as many rides as I would like to have, but have done several, my longest about 95km. However, I'm about to take 3 months off work and hope to get in some good mileage and training.

At the outset, I felt really comfortable and at home on the bike . For instance, I could never cycle hands-off (e.g. while getting food out my pocket) on my other bike but it felt so much easier on the Vertice.
I have dropped the stem down as far as it will go, which is only another 10mm and I'll probably leave it there.
My performance is probably the best it's been for a couple of years - I'll put some of that down to the bike, it rewards any effort I put in
I love the Record kit. Really positive precise changing and I have real confidence in the brakes.
I have had many compliments on the look of the bike, including the handlebar tape! Very pleased with the colour and classic geometry.

So, I'm loving it, am still interested in other peoples bikes but don't feel any envy or have the slightest desire to have anything else!"

Ian, Essex
Tommasini Tecno custom bike

"Dear Adam
I promised I would let you know how the bike is now that I have put some distance behind me. I still think it has excelled my expectations in terms of the important things we talked about - climbing, comfort, acceleration and, maybe just as important (am I shallow or what!), its appearance which makes me smile when I stand back and look at it. We talked about retro with modern components and performance and I am thrilled that the combination works so well.
Beyond that however let me also offer grateful thanks for the advice and guidance over many weeks which led me from uncertainty to a position where I was able to make decisions with confidence fully in the knowledge that the budget and overall plan was controlled and on track. I would never have had that experience from an everyday supplier and if anything would have been left feeling "sold" and not guided. You will remember that this was a big deal for me in terms of the once-in-a-lifetime purchase of something that just had to work out. The outcome is the result of weeks of discussion and ideas which you would not get in the high street. I would totally commend you and the bespoke fiting and advice you offer to anybody looking to take their bike needs seriously. It was a good laugh also!
Thanks a lot

John, Hampshire
Comtat vertice made to measure

"Hi Adam,
It is 3 months now since collecting my Comtat Vertice and I could not be more delighted with it. The road surfaces here in Hampshire have been damaged by floods and farm vehicles so the bike has been put to the test in messy conditions and has performed superbly.
As you know, I wanted to improve my times in sportives and Ride London 100 this summer without forsaking the comfort of my titanium bike. The Vertice is achieving all I had hoped for and more – it is in a class apart and the compact groupset is more than enough for the local hills. It is so responsive on the South Downs “undulations” yet very comfortable on longer rides. I was really pleased with my pace and comfort on a recent visit to Wharfedale over parts of Le Tour 2014 route. My ascending is improved as you had predicted. Of equal benefit is the bike’s sure footed performance on steep descents. At age 68 that is an unexpected bonus and has not the case on other carbon bikes.
The whole process of specification, measurement, bike fitting and collection was also a real pleasure – very obliging and no hard sell. So, thank you very much. I am a delighted customer who would recommend Comtat to anyone looking for that “special” bike.
Best wishes,

Simon, Hampshire
Comtat Regale made to measure


I have been out twice a 70km and a 55km ride. So far so good - the ride is very comfortable the absorption of 'road noise' is great. The first ride felt quite different particularly when I was climbing out of the saddle. I still have to get used to the new gearing ratios when changing across the chain rings. I seem to have been almost 2 miles an hour on average - I'm sure some of this is excitement but some is clearly the bike!



13 months after my potentially fatal accident I chased the sun - Sheerness to Burnham on Sea 205 miles sunrise to sunset - arrived with half an hour to spare. The bike was fantastic - comfort and speed combined.

David, Kingston Upon Thames
Comtat Regale Made To Measure

"I was looking for something special for my 40th and after extensive research I thought I was there – until I came across Comtat.

Following a little education from the friendly owner Adam, I borrowed a demo bike for the weekend. Not only did its exclusive beauty seduce me, but the quality of the ride was something else. It ticked all my boxes – handmade by an experienced craftsman; custom geometry to get that all-important fit and no gimmicky frame wobbles or marketing hyped tube shapes. First step of this exciting and pleasurable adventure was a bike fit with Giuseppe, who does bike fitting for a living, no quick night class here. So with trust in frame and fit assured, just the spec and finish to labour over and the order was placed. Delivery took a little longer than expected, but hey that’s Italy and everything in life worthwhile takes time.

When I took delivery, there really was a lump in my throat; it was an object of desire. Out on the road its light, stiff and wonderfully responsive, but most of all incredibly comfortable. It’s the balance of these qualities where it stands head and shoulders above the rest.

I want to keep my Comtat a secret, yet at the same time want to scream how good it feels from the hilltops. I no longer read irrelevant bike reviews or forums because when your out riding alone its all about what you feel and not what some editor tries to convince you should feel.

Cheers Comtat for a wonderful bike purchasing experience.

Phillip, London
Comtat Regale Made To Measure

"Hi Adam

In a (large) nutshell: It's beautiful, as you know. Record gear works superbly, as you'd expect (though I'm not yet used to more pronounced backward sweep of lever). The bar tape grippy and well-cushioned - excellent. I'm very happy with the 'cut out' SLR saddle, too, which was always going to be a bit of a gamble - but it's much comfier than my previous model.

I realised how 'loaded' the front end of the bike seems, in a kind of 'point and shoot' way (can't put it any clearer than that) - that's really good. It's quick to get moving and pick up speed. There's no shimmy on fast descents - feels very solid, purposeful and nimble. It's very, very comfortable - the set up means I can move smoothly onto drops and back again. It's really quiet, too - no buzzing/rattling.

I didn't break any records on Box Hill, so nothing to report there, other than that I'm still too bloody slow. On the ride back home (via the A road to Kingswood, down to Coulsdon and up the hill to Wallington) I decided to really go all-out, as I'd been riding a bit cautiously - I'd maybe 'settled in' by this point. It absolutely bombed along - that's when I realised how different it is. I've never ridden anything as fast. The last 30 mins of the ride were pure pleasure - exhilarating.

So, very happy! I'll keep you posted."

Matt, London
Made to Measure Regale 2013 with Miche 558rs wheels

"So I had an 80km ride today on the Regale on boring, flat, bumpy roads and yet it was one of the most enjoyable rides i've had in ages. The bike/wheel combo is just STUNNING. It rides like nothing I've ever ridden. The wheels just fly along the road and the frame just irons out all the rubbish surface. I will never go back to a production line frame again."

John, East Midlands
Comtat Vertice Made to Measure Frameset

"If savile row made bikes this is what it would be like. I have now done over 1300 miles on my bike (enough to get over shiny bike syndrome) it is light and responsive but more than that it is exceptionally comfortable. The service you receive from Comtat is the best and the after sales is excellent. I would also recommend the cycle fit at velo solutions, its worth the money even to confirm sizing and set up afterwards. Why spend the same money on something of the peg from Taiwan?"

Mark, Harrow
Comtat Aristo with Carbon Centaur Complete Bike

"I was looking to buy a new bike and set quite a high standard before I started my search. I wanted the best possible frame for the budget I had. I wanted this frame to be made in Italy and I wanted, if possible, to purchase my bike from a UK company. I was really lucky to happen upon the Comtat website, whose bikes ticked all my boxes. From my initial email, all the way through to my first ride, Adam's service has been fantastic. My last bike was not the correct size and my rides seemed to be lacking. Adam, suggested I use their online fitting form. What can I say, when I went to collect my bike and have a fitting from the mechanic, the bike was so well built to my size, all that was needed was to lower the saddle by an inch, all other measurements were spot on. The following day I took it for a ride, which was the best ride i've had on a bike so far. The bike is responsive, lightweight, very stiff and very fast. It's also great at climbs, just fly's up them. The bike looks great too!
I would highly recommend Comtat bikes to anyone, who wants a really special ride."

Steven, London
Aristo Made to Measure

"By far the best road bike I have ridden – smooth & sturdy whilst on flat road, great on the climbs and superb handling when descending. Couple this in with great looks and attention detail – what more could you wish for in a road bike, especially in this price bracket. I ordered a made to measure isp dressed with Deda kit after a fitting with Velo Solutions. I had to wait a little longer than quoted but it was worth it."

Anthony Clark -Bristol CC, Bristol
Aristo with ISP- Custom build

"Having been riding fairly seriously for the last 3 years, I decided that I wanted to invest in a light carbon road bike for training rides, sportives and road races. I was told about Comtat by a friend who was riding one of their Telegraphe frames and so decided to give them a call. I was immediately struck by how beautiful the new range of frames looked which were being hand built in Italy. After a single test ride of the Aristo, I was sold. The handling of the bike on the decent was amazing, the rigidity when climbing or pushing a big gear on the flat was immediately noticeable and at 7kg for the complete bike, my mind was made up.

I opted for the Comtat Aristo frame with integrated seat post. I fitted a Sram Force groupset and a set of light, C-4 clinchers (I may upgrade to a set of deep section tubs in the future) and the bike came in at a competitive price to some of the higher end mass produced equivalents out there.

I have since ridden over 1000 hilly miles on the bike on training rides, club runs, time trials and a sportive. I still can’t get over how well the bike handles - I can’t recommend these frames highly enough."

Micheal, North London
Comtat Aristo Frameset

"I bought my Aristo as a frame only and chose the parts myself - not always the best idea I know but I was on a budget and had some components already. It Has Shimano Ultegra shifters, rear and front mech and brakes as well as a lovely pair of Sram s30 sprint wheels. I chose Comtats own carbon aero bars and bottle cages to match and a grey/white Fizik Arione CX saddle which goes nicely with the naked carbon of the frame. I only rode the bike twice before boxing it up for a weeks training camp in the 'cycling Mecca ' of Majorca. I had visited the island for a similar holiday two years ago so already knew how my Titanium 'Airborne' handled on the roads I visited again this year. I was faster up the hills, much faster and sure-footed down them and the acceleration from rest was immidiately obvious. I felt confidence in the bikes handling from the start and as my component choices were fairly random it must be the inherant good-manners of the frame that are responsible for this? The enduring memories of six days of sunny cycling over 380 miles are the bikes lightness, stiffness yet comfort in varied conditions as well as a trouble-free holiday when in the circumstances teething problems could have justifiably been my lot.

I am extremely happy with my Comtat Aristo and can't wait for my next long ride...



Road CC, Bath

"Comtat might not have a long and illustrious racing pedigree but you can’t argue with the Télégraphe‘s ride – it’s quick and lively from the off. Stamp on the pedals and it responds keenly – as you’d expect from a bike weighing in at an impressively light 7.84kg (17.2lb).

It’s a stiff frame with very little sideways flex around the big bottom bracket junction. Get out of the saddle to apply full-torque and it obstinately refuses to budge offline. It’s a similar story elsewhere whether you’re wrestling with the front end on a tough climb or haring into a fast downhill bend. We tried all our favourite patent-pending aggressive moves but the Télégraphe stood up to them all without flinching."

The Independent newspaper

"This new brand marries British style with massproduced carbon and great knowledge when it comes to speccing a good road bike. In every way, their machines look and perform like more expensive rides."

Cycling Plus
Tourmalet custom build

"The ride is an absolute treat … it’s light enough for racing and comfortable enough for long distance sportive riding too. 9/10"

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