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Wheels > Campagnolo Ghibli Front Track Wheel

Campagnolo Ghibli Front Track Wheel

The new version for 2016/17 of this iconic track wheel. It's the choice of Team Gb and has helped bring a host of medals. The lightest and best available.

Weight: 800 grams

SRP: £2,382.92
Comtat Price: £2,382.92

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Campagnolo is quite proud of its glorious track record with the Ghibli disc wheel, the very first tenso-structure wheel ever introduced in the cycling world. Despite the fact that the Ghibli was still very competitive with newer models, the R&D department at Campagnolo sought to take lessons from this iconic wheel and build upon them in order to produce the next generation of extreme performance.

The use of carbon fibre throughout in addition to completely new construction techniques give the new wheelset an ultralight build, while not sacrificing its performance attributes.

Maximum aerodynamics, maximum lightness and maximum stiffness, it features a tensile-structure design adapted from aerospace technology that confers exceptional power transmission while maintaining extraordinary lightness.

Ghibli Ultra wheels feature totally unique designs and geometries: the convex lens profile typical of these wheels makes it possible to achieve ideal airflow passage on the sides by generating minimum aerodynamic resistance.

Aerodynamics and rigidity are at the maximum levels to help force all the power you can generate into the wheel. As used by Alex Dowsett in his Hour Record.

Type: Tubular
Hubs: Campagnolo Record Pista
Front 800 g 



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