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Stock Frames > Dedacciai K19 Custom Painted Titanium Frameset

Dedacciai K19 Custom Painted Titanium Frameset

The excellent K19 but with custom paint. Personalise using a design template and ral colour charts.

Weight: 1800 grams

SRP: £2,842.99
Comtat Price: £2,842.99

Allow 4-6 weeks from ordering

Bikes are a personal choice. Deda knows that the colour of your bike says a lot about your personality and that's why Dedacciai are giving you the chance to indulge your inner designer when you purchase an K19 frame. You'll be able to choose from a plethora of colours for that personal touch.

Contact us for details.

The exclusivity of titanium alloys combined to the undeniable charm of long paths pedalled alone, challenges - against ourselves... all these are things that have been forgotten.

Titanium is still one of the best and advanced material among frames production, 40% lighter than steel and 50% stiffer than aluminium.

Big diameters to maximize the stiffness on the front, specific tube sets engineered by Dedacciai to have the right resistance for endurance, new advanced slopping geometry with a compact rear and oversize dropouts, pre-bent vertically to face the road.

The headset is engineered with 1"1/8 on the top and 1"1/2 on the bottom for precise steering, unknown to traditional titanium... Nothing has been forgotten to project and manufacture a winning frame on all competitions. There's no limits to it's uses.

The frameset has the winning RS monocoque carbon fork, that is sold with the top Dedacciai frames. This fork, totally engineered by Dedacciai for competitions, has great stability, lightness and stiffness on every kind of road. All the components of fork, headset, dropouts are full carbon. The weight of the fork is only 360g.

You can use this frameset for short training or for the most important race, for time trial or just for an escape once a day: ask a lot of it and it will never let you down.

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