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Dedacciai Ran

A sub 900 gram monocoque frameset with the options of custom paint.

Weight: 1200 grams

SRP: £1,549.00
Comtat Price: £1,549.00

Available to order

Bikes are a personal choice. Deda knows that the colour of your bike says a lot about your personality and that's why Dedacciai are giving you the chance to indulge your inner designer when you purchase either a Ran or a Ran Disc Frame. You'll be able to choose from a plethora of colours for the panels giving that personal touch.

Monocoque frame in High modulus MRC MR60/HR40 carbon fibre

The RAN frame has been developed and engineered to astonish the most demanding athlete.

The result of the RAN frame is very clear, 790g of weight for the painted M size and 1.115g when coupled frame and fork.

The engineering process has focused particular attention on the high stress sections: bottom bracket, head tube and seat tube, in order to maintain high stiffness and parallel alignment of the wheel axes.

Deda's AWP or Anti Wrinkle Process is Deda's own precise process of creating carbon frames. Unlike other companies who use balloons to fill the inside the frames, which leaves wrinkles, Deda injects foam which fills out all microscopic imperfections to ensure that the carbon finish is silky smooth, resulting in consistently strong frames.

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