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Wheels > Campagnolo Shamal Mille Wheelset

Campagnolo Shamal Mille Wheelset

The new shamal, black braking surface and a great price with usual unbeatable Shamal performance.

Weight: 1420 grams

SRP: £1,030.99
Comtat Price: £1,030.99
NOW £869.99! Save £161.00

Shamal Mille               

Evolution of the Shamal Ultra in terms of aesthetics and braking performance is called Shamal Mille. 

The special ceramic Plasma Electrolytic oxidation give the rim an elegant fnish, as does the matte black of the hub, spokes and quick release.

But it is on the braking performance that the Campy Tech lab engineers have made yet another step forward: the refned spiral groove on the braking track allows a reduction in braking times on both wet and dry terrain and guarantees maximum silence even when braking sharply. 

The special ceramic treatment has been studied to work with the red Campagnolo® brake pad and gives best results when used with a Campagnolo® brake with the pad always thoroughly cleaned.

The Shamal Mille wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialised Campagnolo® technician and is checked in every tiny detail with electronic instrumentation. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Campagnolo® wheels.

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