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Custom Made Frames > Tommasini X-Fire Bespoke Stainless Steel Frameset

Tommasini X-Fire Bespoke Stainless Steel Frameset

The Tommasini x-fire is made from Reynold 953 stainless steel or Columbus Xcr and it's perfect for making racing frames as its light and incredibly strong. The X-Fire is a fantastic example of a stainless steel frame in the marketplace. Typical frame weight from 1400 grams.

Weight: 1700 grams

SRP: £2,699.00
Comtat Price: £2,699.00

8-10 weeks from measuring

This item is custom made and cannot be purchased online.

Please contact us for a consultation

Tommasini X-fire



Price includes sizing and fitting 



Tommasini Say:


A new, fascinating, challenge! There is nothing else better than steel, in comfort, ride, resistance, elegance!!! Maybe steel is too heavy?!? Here is the new challenge: X-FIRE, STAINLESS steel! More light, more stiff, more performing, very strong, no problems of corrosion or rust, so we have  joined all prerogatives in the way we can satisfy any of our fans’ need! The ride is exceptional, this bike gives more comfort than most others, and it's still very rigid. It is as light as any modern bike, but the ride is a way more comfortable and you will go faster because you will conserve energy for your pedaling more than consume it in coping with an aching back and shoulders. Furthermore, the challenge has been launched with the style of ever of Tommasini, and therefore not classic oversize tubings but… exclusively custom shaped; not few standard sizes but… custom geometry! Polished or satin finishing to improve the look of stainless steel, embellished with a little colour in Vintage style to make it appetizing to the most sophisticated tastes.
How about prices? The lower of the market! How is it possible? We believe in what we do, we are sure to offer something exclusive, beautiful, elegant, modern, performing, original, completely customisable and… 100% ITALIAN!!!!


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About Tommasini


 Tommasini takes its name from its founder Irio Tommasini having spent most of his life with bicycles.
Irio since 1948 has been a master frame-builder and in his time was a successful rider in the world of racing.
In the 70's by increasing his production capacity the distribution for Tommasini also increased both in Italy and abroad.
The artisan workmanship passed down from generation to generation has enable Tommasini frames to be at the forefront of the industry and to be appreciated for their finish and geometries. Many amateur and professional riders, since inception of Tommasini have relied and to date continue to rely on Tommasini frames to give them the winning edge.
Today as yesterday, the company production remains handmade conferring value to experience and selecting the best material. The Tommasini frames, indeed, are synonymous of quality due to tradition, but also rigorous controls that are followed during each production step.
Tommasini steeped in tradition with its artisan workmanship, coupled with technological advancements and stringent quality control, have made it the frame or bike of choice.




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