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Campagnolo TT Bar End Shifters/Low Pro Brake Levers

Weight: 270 grams

SRP: £295.00
Comtat Price: £295.00

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Campagnolo Low Pro/TT Alloy Brake Levers with cables

The new TT/Tri brake levers have been designed at Campy Tech Lab and tested in the wind tunnel ensuring the creation of an innovative, ergonomic, light and high performance product. The levers have an ergonomic design, especially created to follow hand movements and maintain an aerodynamic position even during braking.
Strength required to activate the levers is reduced to a minimum thanks to their special curvature. The levers are fitted with a special quick-release system that allows for easy removal of the wheels.
The weight is minimal at 106 g.


Campagnolo 11 Speed Bar End Shifters with cables

The brand new bar-end shifters have been designed by engineers in the Campy Tech Lab and tested in the wind tunnel to allow maximum performance in terms of weight and aerodynamic efficiency.
Aerodynamic efficiency is maximized thanks to the Back to Zero position mechanism that always keeps the lever in the optimal position with respect to airflow. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the hands are always in a position to enhance the rider's aerodynamic profile while maintaining ease of shifting.
The start position can be adjusted to fit your own riding position and will always return to the «Back to Zero position». Shifting is quick, accurate and comfortable thanks to the ergonomic shape designed to enhance up and down shifting.
The internal mechanisms are engineered to allow, the levers to shift up and down up to three 3 sprockets at a time and allow micro adjustments to the front derailleur.
- 164g

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