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The worst area to live if you are a cyclist

And the Worst Place in the UK to be a Cyclist is…

A recent survey from studying 1,100 UK drivers has revealed where in the UK you can expect to find the biggest rotter behind the wheel. And the winner is…

The Midlands

Yes, the land that brought us the Prince of Darkness, Gary Lineker and The Salvation Army also brings us the worst drivers in the country. See for yourselves – the full results are eye-opening.

For instance – Midlanders are the most likely group in the UK to have a little drink and drive (32% of respondents in the Midlands said they do so). Drivers in the Midlands get caught speeding more than anyone else too.


Worse still, 58% of Midlanders reported having been in a car crash. And over a quarter of road rage incidents in the Midlands are so bad, the emergency services are required to intervene.


This study was made with a near perfect 50/50 spilt of males and females. While the males definitely come off as worse drivers, women are more likely to be the ones flicking their cigarette butts out the window at you.

So if you’re cycling the roads in the Midlands, take extra special care of yourself.





11 July 2016

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