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Carbon Road Bikes from Comtat- Handmade and individual to each rider.

Custom Carbon Road Bikes

All the carbon road bikes available here at Comtat are made by hand, and for good reason. Finding the perfect fit has never been easier...

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Did you know that over 40% of riders fail to correctly fit into stock geometries?

With handmade carbon road bikes, custom geomtery is not only possible but is in fact, the norm. With only one correct size for each rider it takes a profesional bio mechanic to determine what your perfect fit is.

Despite the general misconceptions, everyone would benefit from a custom geometry.


A professional bio mechanic can create the perfect bike for optimum performance...

Different types of carbon tubes are selected and made for different parts of the bike and it is here where an accurate understanding of the rider's weight can make all the difference.

In order to perform to the optimum, a customer's weight can be taken into consideration to ensure vital stiffness and strength is added to crucial parts of the frame. Once the carbon frame has been in the autoclave and cured then the wrapped lugs/joints become one solid piece of carbon, making it super strong.

Carbon frames made in a mould (monocoque frames) are designed for the average rider and so won't have extra strength for heavier riders and will flex when power is transferred through the carbon frame.

A custom carbon road bike can be the perfect ride.


Did you know that a custom road bike can help improve your riding?

The strength, stiffness, handling and ride qualities of each carbon frame can be optimised for the end user. Whether it is comfort or increased stiffness, whether a sports rider or crit racer; the right bike can make all the difference to your performance.


Want to stand out of the crowd? Why not customise your bike to suit your own style?

While the construction is artisan and bespoke to the rider, so too is the painting. With Comtat, no two frames are identical. Colour combinations on our carbon frames are a choice for the customer's imagination.


Opt for nothing less then perfection with Comtat...

Choices are fun, thats why we let you choose whatever you want and need. If you want your carbon frame made for electronic transmission or manual transmission, or if you would like the seatpost on your bike to be traditional or integrated, our team will work with you and ensure your every need is fulfilled.


Quality custom road bikes are now more affordable with Comtat...

Handmade carbon frames from Comtat start at £2399.99 which, for bespoke geometry is considerably cheaper (half price in some cases) than the top of the range carbon frames from brands that manufacture in Asia.

To find out more about handmade carbon frames contact Adam

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