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Carbon Frames from Comtat- Custom Built for Optimum Performance

Custom Carbon Frames

All the carbon frames from Comtat are custom made for one reason; to ensure you have optimum performance and quality in every ride.

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Carbon has moved on a lot since it was first used as a material to build bike frames with. Today a carbon frame can be made as strong as a steel or aluminium frame. The result is a stiffer ride resulting in more power transfer then is possible with other materials which, is particularly the reason why carbon frames dominate the Pro Peloton.

A custom carbon frame can create a perfect, quality riding experience.

A custom carbon frame made by an artisan framebuilder can make a great deal of difference to your overall riding experience...

The greatest advantage of having a carbon frame is the weight saving, with a carbon frame possibly being up to half a kilo lighter than a steel frame or titanium frame. While weight shouldn't be the most important factor when choosing a carbon frame, lightness can have a noticeably positive effect in the overall riding experience, especially when climbing.

In order to make the most out of your riding experience, a framebuilder will take your weight into consideration to ensure that the appropriate weight and stiffness is added to crucial parts of the bike and power will transfer through. Our carbon frames are not designed and made for the average rider but designed and made for you.

Here at Comtat, we pride ourselves on providing the right carbon frame to suit every rider. We can build made to measure frames with any spec for optimum performance, comfort and a ride designed to suit your style.

Why not have a look at our selection of carbon frames and custom bikes or contact us for further information on a custom frame that is ideal for the perfect ride...

Buying a Comtat frame you will find out their are many choices to make and building a complete bike is no different. We like to give you the customer the choices and you can do this in our Comtat creator page. However below we have just some examples of how we like to build our bikes up. To find out more make an appointment to visit us. We also sell a small selection of complete bikes from other leading brands.

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