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bike fitting

The single most important factor when buying a bike is the sizing and bike fitting. We use a combination Retul 3D motion capture system and traditional methods. We also offer a quick and inexpensive sizing service. The bike fitting is tailored for road cyclists of all abilities. We are open for appointments 7 days a week, please contact us for a suitable time slot at our showroom in Lee on Solent PO13(near Southampton and Portsmouth).

Fizik /Sidas 3d flex Custom Footbeds

Fizik /Sidas 3d flex Custom FootbedsFully mouldable custom insoles using Sidas technology. These insoles ensure a perfect platform for your feet while cycling.

Price: £59.99

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Saddle Fitting Session

Saddle Fitting SessionA session where you can sit on a choice of over 25 different mens and ladies and tt saddles to discover which saddle is for you.

Price: £45.00

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Bike Sizing

RetulA session where we determine the right size frame/bike for you. You can give us up to 5 options of bikes you wish to purchase and this session will tell you which is the best size for you of each frame/bike on your wish list. Ideal if you are buying a bike online.

Price: £45.00

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Bike Fitting Level 1

RetulThe level 1 bike fit option uses traditional static bike fit measurements while the rider is stationary on the bike. This fitting service is ideal for someone witha new bike purchase, or someone new to road cycling needing a to be set up correctly to avoid injury.

Price: £89.99

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Level 2 Retul 3D Bike Fit

RetulLevel 2 dynamic fit uses Retul 3D motion capture technology to ensure the most accurate level of bike fitting. We will fit you to the nearest mm to your existing road, triathlon or TT bike taking into consideration your flexibility and strength. Currently Includes free sidas custom insoles worth 60.

Price: £150.00

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Level 3 Retul 3D Bike Fit

Level 3 Retul 3D Bike FitThe Level 3 dynamic bike fitting offers the same level of service as the Level 2 fit, but for ONE rider with TWO types of bike (TT, Road or MTB)

Price: £239.99

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