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Bike box hire

Bike bags in our experience aren't sufficent enough protection for any bike, from the lack of care shown by baggage handlers. Limit the potential damage that can be caused by investing in a decent bike box or pod. If you are looking for bike box hire then we offer a range of boxes for hire at a competitive rate. We also sell big bags and boxes.

Polaris Pod Pro PP Bike Box For Hire from Lee on Solent

Polaris Pro Pod Bike Box For HireThe latest hard case bike box from Polaris is now available to hire. 8 a day or 45 for a week. This bike box offers excellent protection and will accomodate bikes up to 59cm with a standard seat post and a 54/55cm with an integrated seatpost. Please email for availability. Please don't call regarding bike box hire as we cannot give you answer over the phone.

Price: £8.00

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Biknd Helium V4 Bike Bag For Sale

Biknd Helium V4 Bike BagThe latest design from Biknd which has the added benefit of having room for 2 sets of wheels. Don't be put off by the word 'bag' this is one bit of well designed sturdy kit.

Price: £599.00

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10 Handy Hints for Travelling With Your Bike
Here at Comtat, our team have years of experience travelling overseas with their bikes and have spent the past three years hiring out Comtat bike boxes, meaning they have learnt a trick or two.

Here are some tips on making your trip a little more stress free...

1. Choosing the Right Bike Box - Bike bags often fail to provide adequate protection and as a result a bike box is often considered the best solution. Not everyone can afford to buy a decent bike box or have room for one so hiring a bike box is sometimes a good alternative. We recommend two types of bike boxes - either the Polaris Pro Pod or Bike Box Alan boxes.  These boxes are hard cases and do the job perfectly well if packed correctly.

2. Preparation- Give yourself plenty of time to pack your bike in the bike box. A week is sufficient time to check all these things and to give yourself the opportunity to rectify any issues with your bike.

3. Check your Weight Allowance -Some airlines require a bike box to officially be booked onto a flight under ‘sports equipment’ but for others it can be included under baggage allowance. Whichever it may be, ensure you have checked all the airline requirements.

4. Big Enough Car -Make sure that your bike box and luggage will fit in the car or taxi that you are using at either end.  Far too many people fail to think about this and in return find themselves facing additional difficulty on their travels.

5. Packing the Bike Box -

6. The Other End – Ensure you have taken the tools required to put your bike together

7. Checking in your Bike Box – Be aware that you may face some difficulty when checking your bike in at the airport.

8. Any Damage - When your bike comes out at the other end always check for damage. If there is any sign of damage, take photos and immediately ask for a claim form.

9. Cycle Safely - Always carry ID and a European healthcare card and take it easy on those descents.

10. Returning Home - Don't forget the important duty free for the loved ones ...otherwise the next cycling trip might not be for a while!

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